Villa De' Giacomi dates back to the 13 TH century. During the centuries the building has been enlarged up to became a horseshoe shape around piazza Tito Livio, the historical center of the village. The square is named “Tito Livio” like a famous roman historian that lived here. In the late 1700’s the family De’ Giacomi bought the building and they lived in the villa until the end of the 1900’s. Then after various change of ownership, in 2010 the Quagliato’s, a local family of property developers, bought it. Villa De’ Giacomi has undergone a conservative restauration and the interior design have had a contemporary reinterpretation. The works were finished in 2019.

Near the Villa

The Villa is located in Teolo’s hamlet in the middle of Euganean hills. The place name “Teolo” might come from the word “titulus” that in Latin meant “border”. This territory was indeed between the two important cities of Padova and Este. Thanks to its strategical position in the middle of the natural park our guests can easily enter many different footpaths or bike trials. Close to the Villa De' Giacomi there are cafes, restaurants, a supermarket a pharmacy and a bike rental with guide on request.  On the top of Monte della Madonna, which is located about 3 km away from the Villa, there is an old monastery where nowadays the monks are still living. Along the road to the top you will find the adventure park “Le Fiorine” where young and older will have the opportunity to engage their balance skills on the trees. Also the famous climbing area of Rocca Pendice is Located only 2 km away from the villa. There are hundreds of climbing routes suitable for all levels of difficulty, to be chosen according to your ability.  On demand we organize guided hiking tours.


My name is Davide and I am a surveyor born and grown up in Teolo. Here I am working passionately for my family business. I have personally overseen all the Villa’s restorations and furniture trying to realize a minimal and cozy environment, taking inspiration from of the northern European interior design. My sister Elena, an expert in the field of hospitality, helps me and in 2019 this project became reality.

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